About us
Blue Bell Maritime provides customers around the world with container and shipping services through a network of combined high-quality intermodal operations in synchronization with its determined staff and its recognized first-class customer service.
Blue Bell Maritime is the first private owned Macedonian global transportation and logistics company engaged in shipping and related business. It was formed in 1996, and since then Blue Bell Maritime has continuously grown in becoming the largest container shipping company in the South- East Balkan region. 
To explain what really Blue Bell Maritime stands for and to truly realize at what our company’s goals lie upon is to help customers grow their businesses, whether that is venturing into new territories, exploring new business opportunities, or growing in already developed markets. We pledge to provide the best service at the most competitive rates, backed up by our experienced and best-in-class employees with acquired highest educational and business skills; which ensure that Blue Bell Maritime has the knowledge and expertise to help negotiate the increasingly complex and ever-changing global marketplace.
Blue Bell Maritime developed partnership with some of the world’s best known brands and serving some of the Top Fortune Global 500 list, and managed to acquire its success by developing trade in emerging markets. In that sense, Blue Bell Maritime has helped defining global trade to a plethora of customers, by setting new benchmarks in service and excellence in every market served.